Kentucky Senator Comments on Iraq Withdrawal Bill

Congress continues to debate the Iraq funding supplemental bill as democrats push for a deadline to withdraw U.S. troops.

President Bush says he will veto any bill with a withdrawal date, even if the bill gives him the authority to waive that date.

Sunday on ABC's "This Week", Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said any bill with a date for withdrawal would not pass the senate.

"We don't want a retreat date in there, a surrender date, because it sends the wrong message to our allies. It sends the wrong message to the Iraqi's. It sends the wrong message to the troops. We know what can pass. We had a bipartisan vote in the Senate on a proposal by Senator Warner. Eight Democrats voted for it. What the speaker needs to do is understand that there are two houses, and at the end, if we're going to actually pass a law that the President can sign, what can get through the Senate is a critical point.", says Senator McConnell.