Dallas Jones Freed From Jail

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Beech Bend Park owner Dallas Jones will be free in time to host his park's opening weekend for the summer season.

Jones was jailed Tuesday on a contempt of court charge stemming from his yearlong legal battle over the ownership of Beech Bend Road. Jones claims the road is public property and can be used for access to Beech Bend Raceway. Neighboring property owner Matt Baker claims the road is his private drive.

Special Judge Tyler Gill cited Jones for contempt of court for violating a court order not to alter the evidence in the case. Gill ruled that a partial paving of part of the disputed section by Jones was a violation, though Jones claims he didn't know he was in violation, and was spreading out leftover asphalt from a repaving project inside the park.

"There's been a lot of stuff going on in this case for years, and in this particular case I think the judge felt that Dallas didn't respect the opinions of the court and he acted accordingly," said Jim Millitan, Jones' attorney. "I don't think he (Jones) was intentional. I think he was doing what he thought he was told to do, the judge saw it differently."

Judge Gill suspended Jones' 30-day sentence on the condition that he not further alter the road, and Jones posted a $10,000 cash bond late Friday afternoon.

"It was his (Judge Gill's) decision to make, and I'm certainly happy with his decision. Whatever he decided would be fine with us," said Currie Milliken, Baker's attorney.

"The judge made very clear: No more monkey business, he means business. Everybody knows he means business. And he got his point across loud and clear, trust me on that one," Millitan said.