Memorial Day Travel Expectations

Summer is just around the corner and Memorial Day marks the traditional kick-off the vacation season. Traveling will cost more money this year, but it’s not deterring vacationers.

It will cost more to fill up the gas tank, but that’s not stopping millions of Americans from planning to drive this coming Memorial Day. According to AAA, over 32 million travelers will get in their cars and drive more than 50 miles over the holiday weekend. That’s up nearly two percent from last year, but pump prices above $3.00 appear to be impacting just how far people will go.

The travel organization said vacationers will not drive as far, will stay in less expensive hotels and will eat in cheaper restaurants. AAA estimates the average household will spend $594 over the holiday weekend. It’s a trend that’s expected to continue through the summer.

The Travel Industry Association estimates leisure travel will be up, but just slightly, increasing by 1.4 percent from June to August compared to last year. With gasoline prices predicted to be just short of $3 all summer, Americans are still expected to take vacations, just spend less doing so. Eighty percent of travelers say they plan to see the sites while visiting friends and family during their road trips.

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