Adventures in Kentucky: Mammoth Cave Camping

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Last week on Adventures in Kentucky, I took to the skies for a gut wrenching ride with a retired Navy pilot. Tonight I’ll stick to the ground and brings a family member along as he camps in the park at Mammoth Cave.

For this adventure, I brought along my little brother for a camping trip. Growing up, we both enjoyed the outdoors and with our busy schedules we don’t often get to see each other or venture outdoors. So for us, this adventure is a welcomed escape.

We check in with the park office to get our permit and then head to the backcountry of the park.

After following several miles of a gravel road, we find our trail head and from here, it’s a three mile hike to camp.

Over the course of the weekend, we hike several miles and are able to take time to appreciate the sound of a quiet breeze and the beauty of our natural surroundings. We travel down a rugged Jeep path muddied by the previous day’s rain. This rough path, with the added weight of the camera equipment, makes travel slow and because of our slow pace, we find ourselves entering our campsite with nightfall quickly moving in.

Our first goal is to build a fire and with soggy wood it proves to be quite difficult, but after much effort, we manage to build a decent fire. This is important because no one likes cold hot dogs.

The sounds of nature are usually peaceful, but with the hawk that is roosting just above our tent, nature is loud and early.

With daylight shining in through the trees, we eat breakfast and break camp. Our campsite is situated near the Green River and we gather water to douse the fire and once packed up, we’re ready for more hiking.

Well, we’ve packed up everything. We’re carrying out everything that we carried in and now it’s just time to head back to the truck. So, for Adventures in Kentucky, I’m Brandon Lokits.

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