Gubernatorial Candidates Travel To Bowling Green

The gubernatorial candidates have been campaigning in our area the last couple of weeks and are continuing right up to the May 2007 Primary.

Governor Ernie Fletcher is vying for re-election and has been to the area several time over this election cycle.

"This is a booming community. Secondly, it's been very supportive. Thirdly, we realize it has potential. We've invested in roads, economic development, education," said Governor Fletcher.

Democrat Jody Richards has been to the area several times because he's from Bowling Green.

"The voters of Bowling Green are very, very important to me had half of the registered voters in Warren County gotten out four years ago I would have been the Democratic nominee," said Jody Richards, the Speaker of the House.

Dr. Jon Winburn, a political science professor at Western says the city of Bowling Green is important for both the Democrats and the Republican candidates.

"For the Republican Candidates Bowling Green has been traditionally a stronger Republican basis throughout the state. For the other candidates, for both parties, outside Lexington and Louisville, Bowling Green is one of the bigger markets, along with Owensboro," said Dr. Winburn.

Dr. Winburn says Bowling Green has seen major growth in the last few years and is easily accessible to the candidates.

Republican Anne Northup and Democrat Steve Beshear also each made a stop in Bowling Green the weekend before the election.

I'll tackle the testing in school, that's such a disaster that we should have already tackled," said Northup.

Beshear discussed what he wants to do for the state and the Democrats mostly positive campaigning.

"I think its much better when we're talking about what we want to do for the state and our people instead of everybody throwing mud at each other," said Beshear.

Republican businessman, Billy Harper, added a little extra excitement to Beech Bend as he drag raced down the strip during a political appearance.

While Democrats Bruce Lunsford and Steve Henry have been here during the season.

Democrats Gatewood Galbraith, Otis Hensley Jr. have also appeared in the WBKO studio to tout their campaigns.