Japanese Company Launches Micro Video-Viewer

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A Japanese microscope monitor company announced the launch of a micro video-screen device on May 21, 2007, set to "turn commuting hell into a heavenly experience," according to the company's technical chief.

Scalar Corporation will officially launch the Teleglass T3-F on May 22, Daizo Kiyohara, the company's technical chief told reporters at a news conference in Tokyo.

The Teleglass, the world's first electric, foldable and detachable micro-screen, is designed to attach customers' eyeglasses and mostly targets bored commuters.

Tokyo is notorious for its long and uncomfortable commutes, but the 35
gramme-screen is meant to "make use of the time wasted during commuting," Daizo said.

The device can also be attached to portable video players such as iPods, allowing users to select a variety of videos to watch while on the go.

Scalar projects first year sales of 3,000 units of the device - priced at
$820 including the price of eyeglasses, but the company is already looking to expand use of the Teleglass into other fields beyond recreation and entertainment.

Scalar recently entered into a joint venture with several university hospitals to employ Teleglass technology during medical procedures.

According to a Scalar spokesman, surgeons using Teleglass will be able to monitor the progress of the operation without having to take their eye off the patient to check the medical monitors - thus minimizing the risk of mistakes during surgery.