Lake Cumberland Worried About Tourism Income

With Memorial Day just around the corner, folks who make much of their money from tourists at Lake Cumberland are holding their breaths! They’re worried tourists think there’s not enough water for boaters this summer, but on May, 21, 2007, the state wanted to prove, that’s not the case.

It’s about water - Lake Cumberland is forty-three feet lower than usual and it looks somehow different with rocky and sandy shores and palisades exposed - normally they’re underwater.

It’s also about dollars spent by tourists - this is the start of high season for businesses around here and some fear the drop in the lake will translate into a drop in their incomes.

The excursion was designed to dispel what Kentucky tourism leaders call misleading advertising by neighboring states, most notably Arkansas, dispelling those by showing there’s lots of water in the lake and more ramps will be ready by Memorial Weekend to get boats into the water.

The price tag - more than $850,000. The water level was lowered to allow repairs on the leaky Wolfe Creek Dam. On that front, there are no plans to drop the water any lower.

Some lake coves are virtually dry. Today’s media tour of Lake Cumberland was arranged by the Kentucky Department of Tourism.

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