Unwarranted Time Behind Bars

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When you are charged with a crime, it's your right to appear before a court of law and answer to the charges. But some current and former inmates of the Logan County Detention Center claim that right has been overlooked. As a result, they claim they've served extra time behind bars due to an added charge for "failure to appear."

One former inmate claims he repeatedly informed jail officials that he needed to be in court, but that no one would take him. The jail claims it's up to the pretrial officer to inform it when an inmate needs to be in court. Then the jail contacts the Sheriff's Department who physically transports the inmate to court.

Logan County's pretrial officer says she was not aware of the problem and declined further comment. The Chief Deputy of the jail says he too is unaware of any problem. However, Sheriff Dannie Blick says he has heard of the problem, but that his hands are tied. He adds that if his office is notified of a transport, the department makes sure the inmate gets there.

Meanwhile, many inmates are left with added time or higher fines due to the problem.