Even the Candidates Cast their Ballots

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The general public wasn't the only group exercising its right to vote. Candidates in all the major races made their voices known at the polls.

It was a busy day for candidates in the Kentucky's gubernatorial race. Not only were they trying to snag last minute voters, they also took time out to hit the polls themselves.

Area gubernatorial candidate Jody Richards spent his morning in Bowling Green trying to encourage people to vote. In his second try at governor, the current speaker of the house headed to the polls at the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport to cast his vote.

"I've done it a few times, so its not exactly a new experience. But for this office it feels very good and certainly a very important office," Richards said.

Democratic candidate Steve Beshear and his wife julie cast their ballots in Frankfort. Beshear said despite low turnout in the Commonwealth voting is everyone's responsibility.

"I just hope everybody exercises their right to vote. Thats one of the most precious rights we've got in this country and that's what makes this country and this state great," Beshear said.

After casting his vote in Frankfort current Governor Ernie Fletcher admitted that this year's primary has been one of the hardest campaigns he's had to endure.

"I've been through 12 elections and its been one of the tougher ones. I've gone through six primaries, and I haven't been attacked like I've been attacked this time," Fletchers said.

Dr. Steve Henry, fresh off of a 24 hour campaign bus tour, took to the polls in Louisville.

Republican candidate, Anne Northup, also hit the ballot box in Louisville.

Democratic candidate, Otis "Bull Man" Hensley, came out to vote in a garage that was being used for the polling today.

"If I don't make it for governor, i'm going to support whoever does make it for governor. Hopefully i can be in his administration," Hensley said.

Tonight on WBKO at 10, we'll have reaction from the candidates, including State Speaker of the House and gubernatorial candidate Jody Richards.