Goodrum Submits to More Physical Tests

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The man accused of raping and murdering WKU freshman Katie Autry in her dorm room last May has submitted to more physical evidence tests less than 90 days before his trial is set to begin.

Lucas Goodrum, 23, was taken to the Medical Center on Wednesday, May 5, where medical professionals removed 30 hairs from his head and 30 hairs from his private region for more DNA and hair analysis testing by the state crime lab. Goodrum's attorney David Broderick argued in a teleconference with Judge Tom Castlen that the 12 hairs already submitted by Goodrum should be more than enough, but a state forensic expert from the crime lab in Frankfort testified by phone that more were needed for a complete batch of tests.

Prosecution and defense attorneys also argued on which expert witnesses will be allowed to testify. Broderick told Judge Castlen that the Commonwealth Attorney's office had failed to notify him of a pathologist they intended to call, but the prosecution successfully argued that the notification had come with the pathologist's name being listed as the author of the autopsy report. Judge Castlen did order Commonwealth Attorney Michael Pearson to give Broderick a list of all of the experts he intended to call that would be classified as "expert."

The defense has requested several witnesses be called to testify, including Autry's roommate at the time of her death, Danica Jackson. Jackson has told police she called her dorm room hours before Autry's death, and says she spoke with co-defendant Stephen Soules and heard the voices of Autry and another male in the background.

Also, a defense motion to have Pearson testify as a witness at the trial was denied.