The Body of a Man Might be Missing Soldier

There some possible new developments out of Iraq. Iraqi police believe a body found could be one of the three American soldiers missing after an ambush earlier this month.

Iraqi officials said the have found the body of a Western looking man. It's still unclear if he is one of the missing soldiers.

"The Iraqi police did find a body of a man that they think could be one of our missing soldiers. We have received a body and we will work diligently to determine if he is one of our missing soldiers. We have not made any identification yet," said Major General William Caldwell.

The man was reportedly shot in the head. He was wearing what appeared to be U.S military pants and had a tattoo. The body was found in the Euphrates River south of Baghdad.

The question at this hour remains: Is he one of the three U.S. soldiers in Iraq missing since May 12, 2007, when there was an attack on a u-s military observation post? Meantime, U.S. Iraqi forces are continuing an intensive search for all three missing American soldiers.

Again there is no confirmation yet from the United States that this is one of the missing soldiers.