HOWA Groundbreaking at Transpark

A Japanese automotive company officially breaks ground at the Kentucky Trimodal Transpark.

American HOWA Kentucky Inc. will build an 82,000 square foot facility and employ at least 61 people.

The company said it wants to make Bowling Green its core plant in the United States.

House Speaker Jody Richards, Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon, Mayor Elaine Walker and a representative from the governor’s office were all on hand at the ground-breaking, the morning of May 24, 2007.

HOWA’s customers include Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

HOWA said as it expands in the future it wants to become a supplier to GM, Ford and Chrysler.

“We need a big site here to produce many types of interior products here. We will deliver to everywhere in the United States from here,” explained Tom Takada, general manager of HOWA.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the company will bring $5 million a year into our economy.

“That’s $5 million of new money that we have floating thru our economy that we didn’t have before this project landed here,” said Jim Hizer, CEO with Economic Development.

HOWA said it searched for a place to build for two years. It settled on Bowling Green because of its ideal location for customers and the “good people.”