House to Vote on War Funding Bill

The House of Representatives is set to vote late on May 24, 2007, on the latest bill to fund the Iraq war.

It is a compromise measure worked out between the White House and Congressional leaders, but some Democrats are in revolt, saying it concedes far too much and promising to vote against it.

The deadlock is over. An Iraq war funding bill the president said he’ll sign is expected to soon be on its way to the White House. It is a victory for President Bush.

“By voting for this bill, members of both parties can show our troops and the Iraqis and the enemy that our country will support our service men and women in harm’s way,” Bush explained.

The president vetoed a war funding bill that included a deadline for troop withdrawals. Those deadlines are gone from the bill the House is expected to pass Thursday. It does include benchmarks for the Iraqi government, but President Bush can waive them. In exchange, $17 billion in domestic and other spending not related to the war, supported by the Democrats, is also included. Some balked at the deal.

“Those of us who oppose this war will be back again and again - until this war has ended,” said Representative James McGovern.

Others urged Congress to work fast to secure passage before the holiday weekend.

“People can make whatever statements they want in regard to the war, and I’ m sure that will happen, but I think that we need to get to this as quickly as we can,” Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid said

Once the House passes this bill it moves to the Senate for approval, which is expected Thursday night. These emergency funds will last through September 2007.