Is Gas Affecting Your Holiday Plans?

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Plan on paying a pretty penny for gas if you’re traveling this Memorial Day weekend.

If you can believe it at $3.10-a-gallon, gas prices are actually cheaper here than in most parts of the country.

The out-of-towners we spoke to say they’ve paid up to $3.40 in Florida and $3.70 in Illinois. Travelers are cutting back elsewhere, to afford their Memorial Weekend trips.

Vernon and Renate Bartz are just stopping through and they’re driving this 32-foot R.V.

“About 8,000 miles ...” Vernon claimed they will travel this summer.

He said gas prices aren’t ruining their plans and nothing will. Vernon had open heart surgery about 10 weeks ago and he and his wife left Florida to start their summer road trip expedition.

Vernon and Renate said they are traveling throughout the country and into Canada and by the end of their trip their wallet will be about $1,200 lighter, just from gas.

“We try to set money aside for a trip ahead of time,” Vernon said.

Vernon and Renate are retired and they say budgeting for gas is easy for them because they live on a fixed income.

“What you do in R.V. traveling is what you do in regular traveling - decide what your priorities are,” Vernon explained.

He said they try to save money by finding a cheaper place to stay with their R.V.

“We try not to go in debt. Well we’re usually going debt for gas,” Vernon joked.

It’s easy for them because they just spent $200 to fill up their 80-gallon tank.

“The last time we paid $225 when we gassed up,” Vernon explained and they’ll re-fuel again about 500 miles later without hesitation. “Their not going to keep us from traveling.”

We spoke with a lot of travelers today and they’re not happy about the gas prices, but they’re also not letting them ruin their holiday weekend.

WBKO went out and asked several people if the gas prices would be keeping them at home this weekend and surprisingly, 90 percent of people asked said no, they would not let the price of gas affect their summer getaways.

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