Bush Looking for Immigration Reform Bill Support

President Bush was on the road on May 29, 2007, pleading for bi-partisan support in passing the immigration reform bill.

Bush toured the nation’s largest border patrol training center in Georgia. This was all part of an effort to answer conservative criticism that the immigration reform bill is soft on security.

The president addressed future border patrol agents, but his message was clearly aimed at lawmakers.

“A lot of Americans are skeptical about immigration reform, primarily because they don’t think the government can fix the problems and my answer to the skeptics is: give us a chance to fix the problems in a comprehensive way that enforces our border and treats people with decency and respect. Give us a chance to fix this problem. Don’t try to kill this bill before it gets moving,” Bush explained.

Some complain the legislation would tear apart immigrant families.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said it gives too much credence to job skills rather than families.

The Senate is expected to resume debate on the bill next week.