Family Reaction to Logan County Soldier Death

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The community of Russellville, Ky., is dealing with the loss of a soldier. WBKO's Tamara Evans sits down with Pfc. Joshua Moore's family.

Twenty-year-old Moore was a Task Force Vanguard soldier of the 118 Infantry with the Big Red One Division. His parents said they were notified on May 30, 2007, that Joshua was killed in Iraq. The Humvee he was driving hit an explosive device claiming his life, the lives of two others and injuring another.

To friends and family he wasn't Joshua Moore, he was just Josh, and to each and every one of them he wasn't just your average 20-year-old, he was a hero who died doing a job he loved.

"He was proud to be an Army soldier," said Josh's mom, Carolyn Moore.

Josh was stationed in Germany before being called to Iraq. He was there until just a couple of weeks ago when Josh was briefly able to come home to see his friends and family.

"He came home for 15 days, bought him a new truck," said Josh's dad, Jeff Moore.

"It was a good time home. It was the first time we'd seen him in a year," Carolyn said.

Jeff said when two soldiers came to his workplace on May 30 to let him know of Josh's death, he wasn't surprised.

"If you've got a son in the military, it isn't hard to believe. It's something you hope never happens, but you live everyday wondering if that day's coming," Jeff said.

For now, Josh's new truck sits underneath a half-built garage his father was building for him, and in his room sits memories of Josh, including letters some children made and sent him during his time in the war.

"He sat and read these - every one of these before he went back," Jeff said.

One letter read: Welcome home Josh. I hope you're okay in Iraq.

His mother said she couldn't be more proud of her son.

"He has set a good example for the young kids around here. A lot of kids looked up to Josh. He will be missed greatly," Carolyn said.

A hero to many and to Carolyn and Jeff, just a 20-year-old young man who wanted to make a difference.

"He came home and said, 'I am property of the United States Government,' and now, the United States Government is gonna be bringing him home," Carolyn explained.

Josh's parents told WBKO he loved talking to young children about his time in the Army and recently made a speech to students at an elementary school when he was home.

The family said no arrangements for Josh have been made so far, but they do expect his body to arrive within the next week.