Track Star Brothers

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The state high school track meet is going on this weekend. Hundreds of young athletes are in Lexington, Ky., to see who's the fastest and the strongest in the state. But some of the athletes from Hart County High School are more than just teammates.

John Hoffman knows how to take hurdles in stride. After all, the high school junior has three older brothers to look up to - all of them star athletes.

"We're real competitive because with four brothers in the house there are rivalries," John said.

The Hoffman brothers moved to Kentucky from Rhode Island four years ago and playing sports became a way to adjust.

"Not only was it new people, it was a whole new lifestyle," Philip said.

Some say their strong brotherly bond is also their strongest advantage.

"I think if one brother has success in a meet, it motivates the other guys to have success too. I think they push each other," said Matt Romance, the boy's coach.

"It's good being with my brothers all the time because they motivate me and push me and make me try harder so that's always good," Frank said.

Keeping it in the family has proved well for the Hoffman brothers. They have traveled to the state track meet together before, and Frank and John will make their second appearance there this weekend.

"Phil, it was his senior year and we all ran on the four by four team and went to state so I was like, 'well maybe I got a chance at doing this," John said.

"Going to state is awesome, but then whenever my brother is there too it just makes it even better," Frank said.

All of the brothers count their father as their strongest influence.

"I couldn't be more proud. Any father would be proud. I've been blessed and they've been blessed," said Jeffrey Hoffman, the boys' father.

"The bonds you develop with not only your friends, but also your family when you're playing sports are incredible," Philip said.

The oldest Hoffman brother, Jeff is stationed at Fort Benning, Ga., serving in the U.S. military. Philip is now graduated. Frank is competing in the 100 and 800 meter relay and John is running in the 300 meter hurdles.