Warren County Fiscal Court Slashes 2007-2008 Budget

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Warren County's Fiscal Court passes the second reading of its severely-curtailed budget and no one is happy about it.

We've been telling you all along the non-profits that receive county money would face substantial cuts. On June 1, 2007, we found out how drastically county services are being cut.

The Judge-Executive's and County Attorney's offices are slashed 17 percent. The County Clerk's budget will be 38 percent lower. The jail will get 11 percent less money. The Sheriff's Department will only be cut five percent, but will get nearly $500,000 less than the increase Sheriff Jerry "Peanuts" Gaines was looking for.

Among the non-profits feeling the ax, are the public library getting only half the money it got from the county this year. Primary Care will be cut by two-third, Operation PRIDE slashed 60 percent, and Family Enrichment will have to get by on 40 percent less county money.

Among the organizations cut completely out of next year's county budget are Safety City, Prime Time Events, the Bowling Green-Western Symphony Orchestra and Barren River Area Safe Space.

For a complete listing of budget reductions, click here.