Budget Reductions Hits Disaster and Emergency Services Hard

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As of July 1st, the Warren County Disaster and Emergency Services Department will go from a staff of four to just three.

This comes after employee, Brian Lowry, resigns to take a job in Louisville. His position will not be filled after his departure.

"Were just going to have to cover the basics and that's all were going to be able to do from here on out", says Brian Lowry.

Brian Lowery says the county is going to suffer and there is just no way around it.

"We make sure that the public is protected from any kind of emergency or natural war man made disaster", says Lowry.

Without these services Lowry says the community will fall short of their previous preventative education.

"We get a lot of request from different groups in the community, civic groups, church groups that want to know more about severe weather, train derailments like in Bullitt county and they will be left to fend for themselves now", says Lowry.

Lowry says it's sad to see the county lose what he says is such a good tool for the community and something he has worked hard for personally.

"I've put a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into this job", says Lowry.

"The fact that this position is not going to be filled it is going to put a much bigger strain on both the remaining staff here and the community will suffer because of it", says Lowry.

Lowry says even though other agencies might have to eliminate positions, the citizens of Warren County are going to be hit hardest by each of the budget reductions.