Warren County Sheriff Reacts to Budget Cuts

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With the news of the Warren County budget reductions, many are left wondering how these changes will affect the services these county departments provide to the public.
The Sheriff's Department is one agency facing a cut.

The Sheriff's Department will be cut five-percent, which is nearly half a million dollars less than the increase Sheriff Jerry "Peanuts" Gaines was looking for.

"We have tightened our belts and watched every penny we spend", says Sheriff Gaines.

Unfortunately Sheriff Gaines says they will have to keep an even closer watch on their spending.

"Were going to have cut back on the school resource officers, we have two animal control officers, probably have to cut back on one of them, not that their going to be the ones that are going to be let go but were just going to have to cut back on the things we do", says Sheriff Gaines.

Sheriff Gaines says, if cut, school resource officers could be needed back out on the streets because of less man power.

"We'll have seven people that have to be laid off and three of them have already retired", says Sheriff Gaines.

Along with cuts on school resource officers the Sheriffs Department will no longer have county paid cell phones.

There will also be cut backs on uniform allowances and no overtime will be given.

"If a man works eight hours and something happens, he runs into a wreck and has to stay over an hour or two then the next day he worked only six hours", says Sheriff Gaines.

He says the cut backs will also affect the funding of patrol cars.

"We're just trying to keep them going and with this budget cut there won't be anything in there for cars", says Sheriff Gaines.

Overall Gaines says the cut backs make operating the Sheriff's Department a bit harder.

"When you have a break in or a 911 call you want them there right now and we have always been able to get there right now so if you but back we won't have the man power to get there like we normally do", says Sheriff Gaines.

Sheriff Gaines did says he wants to assure the public that the Sheriff's Department will do everything it can to give the Warren County the service it needs.