400-Mile Yard Sale

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Saturday marked day three of the Highway 68/80 yard sale and bargainers were out looking for the best way to spend a buck.
The yard sale stretches 400 miles across Kentucky, from Paducah to Maysville.

From first-time buyers....

"This is the first time I've been on 68/80", says Fort Knox resident Robert Keys.

To those that have been here before...

"Every year I say I'm not going to do this again, but then it's time to organize and clean and you find yourself right back into it", says yard sale participant, Linda Tackett.

The 400-mile yard sale attracts people both state-wide and nation-wide.

"There's one lady set up over here from Bradford, New York", says yard sale participant, Harold Runner.

And those selling items know how to attract the buyers, whether it be pricing their items a little low...

"Because everybody's like me! They want to buy as cheap as they can!", says Harold Runner.

To even using our camera to attract shoppers....

"Come on in here and buy something and get yourself on T.V!", says yard sale participant, Bennie Scott.

Bennie Scott loves yard sales.

"I love to talk and I get to meet alot of people", says Scott.

"I've never tried to sale before. This is my very first selling deal", says Scott.

Though he seems like a pro at bargaining.

"Baby blankets, pocket knives, candles, John Deere dolls, saws, lawnmowers...You name it, I just about got it", says Scott.

And the old saying....

"One person's junk is another man's treasure", says Scott.

Isn't just a saying. It's something many of these shoppers and bargainers believe in and are willing to travel for, even if it takes them the entire 400 miles.

"Anything you want it's out there and if you go far enough you'll find it", says Robert Keys.

This was the fourth year for this event and it will continue on Sunday as well.

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