One Year Anniversary of Martin/Mitchell Tragedy

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On June 3, 2006, four friends were riding their motorcycles on Highway 79 when a pickup truck crossed the center line.

Businessmen Cornelius Martin and Brooks Mitchell were killed and Charles "Bill" Leachman was severely injured. A fourth rider, Lloyd Ferguson, was not injured.

Now a year later, the fatal crash is still being remembered.

A year ago, Western Kentucky University President, Gary Ransdell, l talked to us about the fatal crash that took the life of his close friend Cornelius Martin.

"I heard shortly after it happened yesterday morning and went to the house and spent most of the day with the family. That was difficult", Ransdell said on June 4, 2006.

A year later the crash is still hitting home.

"That was a Saturday and it was a day I'll not forget and don't want to. I remember vividly June 3, 2006. Communicating with the family and all three of the children", says Ransdell.

It was that day when a truck, driven by Mickey Mosher of Warsaw, Indiana, crossed the center line killing 57-year old Cornelius Martin and 51-year-old Brooks Mitchell.

"It was a most difficult day for me but for everyone who knew Cornelius and Brooks as well", says Ransdell.

In April of this year, a jury determined Mosher only had marijuana in her truck on the day of the crash, but not in her system.

She was found "guilty" to possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was found "not guilty" to DUI, wanton endangerment, wanton murder, 2nd degree manslaughter, and 1st degree assault.

It was an emotional trial for both family members and friends of the men involved as it relived the fatal crash from 2006.

"That day will forever be etched in my mind", says Ransdell.

President Ransdell says the loss of the men also hit home for Western Kentucky University. Martin was the Chairman of the Board of Regents.

Ransdell says the Board has continued to move forward since then and Martin would be proud of the progress they have made. He says they will continue to always remember him.

"Everytime I pass by the tree we planted in his honor, I salute my good friend Cornelius Martin", says Ransdell.

A year later, both Cornelius Martin and Brooks Mitchell have not been forgotten.

The driver of the truck, Mickey Mosher, was sentenced in April to twelve months in prison and $1,000 dollars in fines. Time she had already served was to be counted toward her sentence.

She also has another trial coming up in August from an incident that occurred when out on probation back in January. Mosher is accused of having marijuana in her possession when she went to the Logan County Jail for a drug test.