Steve Beshear Promotes Expanded Gaming in Kentucky

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Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Beshear told us he understands people's concerns about allowing limited expanded gaming in Kentucky, but said thousands of Kentuckians are already crossing state lines to bet more than $1 billion in other states.

"Right now our Kentucky money is educating Indiana's kids - it's paving roads in Illinois, it's lowering health care costs in Missouri, and I say it's time to bring that money home. You know, Kentuckians are gonna do that anyway. If they're gonna do it anyway, let's bring the money home here and educate our kids and pave our roads and do the kinds of things for our state we need to do to really more us forward again," Beshear explained.

Beshear also said he's going to get health care coverage for Kentucky's 81,000 kids who do not have it.