National And Local Violent Crimes: Numbers Rise

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation releases a study that said violent crimes in America are on the rise.

The study notes that this is the first time in 15 years that the number of violent crimes, such as murder and robbery, have risen in back-to-back years. In 2005, these crimes rose 2.3 percent, while in 2006 the increase was only 1.3 percen. This increase in violent acts can also be felt here in Bowling Green.

Bowling Green resident, Stephanie Covert's car was burglarized in her home town of Louisville, Ky., several years ago. She said it's something that has always stuck with her.

So hearing that violent crimes across the nation, including Bowling Green and Warren County have risen is a little more than unsettling.

"Its really scary because knowing that anyone would probably be alarmed by that statistic that the crime rate is going up," Covert said.

The Bowling Green Police Department said our city mirrors the national numbers.

So when violent crimes numbers, like murder, rape and assault jump nationally, we are also seeing an increase here in Bowling Green and Warren County.

Police Department spokesperson Barry Pruitt said the reason for increased violent crimes is our increase in juvenile population, more prison releases, and gang activity.

He also notes that much of the focus and funding, has gone from "hometown" crimes to "homeland security."

But Covert said so far she hasn't encountered this type of violence in Bowling Green.

"I'm from Louisville and I know that there's more of my friends back home. There's several homes around my neighborhood that have been burglarized, but I've been living in Bowling Green the past five years and I haven't really had any problems or know anyone whose had problems," Covert said.

But unfortunately, she thinks these rising numbers could be a sign of things to come.

"Honestly, I'm a realist and I think its going to keep going up. It seems that way if we look at our history - it just seems that its getting worse," Covert said.

Officials at both the police department and the Warren County Sheriff's Department said they are constantly training to deal with these violent crimes.