Hometown Hero: Agnes Mercer

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Getting older can be tough on many folks, but at Morningside Assisted Living in Bowling Green, Ky., this week's Hometown Hero is keeping all the residents young at heart with her smile, listening ear and kind heart.

Agnes Mercer is in her nineties, but in so many ways is still young.

"It's just beautiful for her to be that age and be able to do things she does," program director, Linda Baxter said.

Ms. Mercer at ninety-eight-years-old, still works out everyday but most of all is a listening to ear to other residents.

"When I first came, I thought it was strange that people didn't come to visit each other because some of them really needed it," said Ms. Mercer.

Ms. Mercer saw the need and made sure the residents were listened to and cared about.

She can recall many of the conversations she has had with residents.

"I think she really enjoyed it so I made every effort I could to go there," Mercer said.

Residents at the Morningside home really enjoy and look up to Ms. Mercer.

"I consider her a role model because she is a good example and the one things she's not just her for herself, she's teaching a lot of other girls here," Morningside resident, Marie Martin explained.

Baxter said Ms. Mercer also really helps new residents get adapted.

"She's just there to listen and sometime she'll give answers, but most of the time she's just there to listen," Baxter said.

Ms. Mercer said she really enjoys the people and Morningside gives older people an opportunity to share in each other's company. But she doesn't consider herself a heroic person.

"I just keep trying," Mercer said.

She said she has so much to be thankful for, especially her health which has allowed her to live such a wholesome life, that she can can share with everyone who would like her to.