Racing for a Reason

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Race cars, street cars, hot rods, and muscle cars were all in Bowling Green on Saturday, June 9, 2007 cruising around and racing for a good cause.

Drivers were supporting the first ever "Gary Meagher Memorial Thunder Cruise and Street Car Shootout".

The event brought in many different kinds of cars all revving their engines for the same reason.

"Gary passed away in January.He was a great friend of alot of racers and raced for 30 years", Event Coordinator Allen Mansfield said.

"He's just somebody we think alot of. It's important that his friends showed up", Meagher's racing friend Earl Talley said.

Those that knew Gary Meagher say cars were his passion. They say you could always find him at Beech Bend Raceway.

"Every weekend he was able to go, he was there", says Talley.

In honor of this former racer and long-time friend, cars of every kind turned up to cruise and race in Meagher's memory.

"We've got his car number on our car and we're gonna try to honor him. He's gonna get to ride with everybody whose gonna go down the track", says Talley.

"He loved cars. Cars were his passion. He loved racing and we wanted to do something to honor him the way he would want to be honored", says Mansfield.

So, with every green light, Meagher was being remembered by his fellow racers, with part of the money raised from the event being put toward a cause Meagher would most appreciate.

"We're gonna try to have him a memorial sign fixed up for Beech Bend so he can be with us every weekend from now on. Just trying to honor a great friend and a great racer. We just miss him and want him to be a part of this and wish he were here", says Talley.

Coordinators of the event hope to make this an annual gathering that will draw in more cars of all kinds next year.

They say next year they will find other ways to use the money raised to benefit a good cause and to help remember their racing friend.