Beatles Tribute Band in South Central Kentucky

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The Beatles are back. Well...not quite, but a 1964 Beatles tribute group is bringing Beatles fans back to their feet in applause.

After nearly 3,000 shows and 24 years later, what was intended to be just something fun to do when they had spare time has instead become the group's full time career.

"We got kicked out of lots of clubs for playing Beatles songs and now we're making a living out of", says group members of the 1964 Beatles Tribute Band.

The tribute group says there is a love for the Beatles and they enjoy bringing that smile back to people's faces.

"The other great thing about this is it's positive music, all the songs are about love, you can bring your children or your grand-dad and everyone is fine with it", says the group members.

The group does 144 shows a year and travel all over the globe.

"We have all done these things all of our lives but just sort of focused on this not really knowing it was going to go anywhere".

The group says it is easy to do their job because the Beatles are a common denominator anywhere.

"If you want to have a conversation between people who don't normally get along, talk about the Beatles".

Overall they say they're still in shock they've lived their dream and made it a reality for all these years.

"This has been a dream. It's amazing".

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