Alberto Gonzales Update

After months of questioning and countless hearings about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and eight fired federal prosecutors, Senate Democrats now want their colleagues on the record.

They’re trying to force a “no confidence” vote on the embattled attorney general.

“He’s incapable of leading the department. He has misled the American people and he puts politics ahead of the rule of law,” Charles Schumer said.

About the only person who believes Gonzales should stay as attorney general is George Bush.

From Bulgaria the morning of June 11, 2007, President Bush accused the Democrats of playing politics, and said only he decides if Gonzales stays or goes.

“I’ll make the determination as to if he’s effective or not - not those who are using the opportunity to make a political statement on a meaningless resolution,” Bush said.

The president seems to be standing alone. Few Republicans have publicly given Gonzales their support. Six Republican Senators have said he should resign. Today’s no-confidence vote is non-binding and not likely to pass, regardless of how they feel about the attorney, this is a vote few Republicans want to take.

“I’m not going to comment on the kind of job. The vote is whether we should take a vote to express a lack of confidence by the Senate - that’s wrong,” Senator John Kyl said.

The attorney general is not in Washington as of now - he’s giving a speech on terrorism in Florida. The Senate is expected to vote at 5:30 p.m. on June 11.