One Fugitive Caught in Butler County

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David Delucineay, 33, was apprehended Tuesday morning. Delucineay and his brother, Roger, led police on a chase through Butler County last night.

According to the Butler County Sheriff, Deputy Dwayne McKinney got a call from his neighbor saying they had spotted one of the escapees hitch-hiking on Highway 106.

McKinney picked up Deluncineay and drove hime into town. When Delucineay got out McKinney revealed that he is deputy sheriff.

Sheriff Ken Morris says, "Of course, he'd seen the pictures and he said I'm going to have to place you under arrest. He told him to turn around and assume position and the guy bolted."

At that time the canine officer arrived and the dog was able to apprehend Delucineay. David Delucineay is now in the Butler County Jail.

HIs brother, 34-year-old Roger Delucineay, is still on the loose.