Adventures in Kentucky: Crosswinds Golf Course

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Last week on Adventures in Kentucky, I went out to Skymac Park and watched the model jets fly. This week, I make his way to the fairways of Crosswinds Golf Course.

South Central Kentucky has tons of outdoor activities to offer, but not all of them are extreme.

So if you’re wondering how golf can be an adventure in Kentucky, you’ve never played golf with me. I’m not much of a golfer. I’ve played only a few times in my life, so my friend and fellow weatherman, Matt Stephens is along to offer a few tips.

From the start, I know that I’m an awful golfer, but I’m sure Matt was not prepared to spend so much time hunting for lost golf balls.

For me, the fairway is an elusive thing, but even on the fairways there are no guarantees.

With this next hole, I’m facing every golfer’s worst fear - we’ve got a water hazard. After the water hazard we have two bunkers on either side of the green - that means we’re going to be swimming or we’re going to be digging.

Matt is a very skilled golfer, but with all of his efforts, I am still awful.

As we continue to play, it is evident that I drive the cart much more skillfully than I drive the ball.

Had there been more people on the course, we would have found a different adventure, for the sake of the public’s well-being.

Well, we’re here on the eighteenth hold now - almost done with our round of golf. Hopefully I’m a little bit of a better golfer, but probably not.

For more information on Crosswinds Golf Course you can contact them at 393-3559 or you can log onto and if you have any adventure ideas you’d like me to try e-mail me at