City Commission Votes On TIF Grant, Discusses Budget

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A month and a half after the Bowling Green City Commission signed a "memorandum of understanding" to explore a "Tax Increment Funding" district, the Commission votes yes to the Master Plan Agreement.

The Master Plan clearly sets the responsibilities of the entities involved.

The state will shoulder 80 percent of the financing over 30 years. The city will give 13 percent while the county chips in 2 percent.

Although, this major hurdle has been jumped, the TIF district still has more to climb.

"The additional steps that will have to happen will be the county's approval and the university's approval. Then we'll move to the state TIF Commission for their approval. The financing has to come through during that period as well," Play Ball chairman, Rick Kelley said.

The Commission also discussed agency funding for the upcoming fiscal year.

Fourteen competitive agencies who received funding last year received money for the upcoming fiscal year.

Most of those agencies only less than that what they requested.

"We had a number of agencies that got less than what they asked for, but what I'm proud of is that we gave everyone at least as much as they got last year," Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker said.

One of the few agencies to get more than they requested was the Capitol Arts Alliance which received $70,000, which is $5,000 more than they asked for.

Both the Bowling Green Chamber Orchestra and the Bowling Green-Western Symphony Orchestra got funding this year after being turned away last year.