British Challenger Soccer Camp

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Summer camps are in full swing and a camp in Simpson County, Ky., is teaching kids about a sport that's growing in popularity. The camp coaches come from another country to share their expertise.

Rory Mileham plays on his junior varsity soccer team.

"I've been playing soccer most of my life and when I heard about it I wanted to do it because the British coaches can help my game," said Mileham.

The it he's referring to is British Challenger Soccer Camp.

"It’s about getting as many kids in America involved in soccer as we can," said Coach Jamie Love.

Kids learn the ins and outs of a sport enormously popular in Europe and gaining popularity in the U.S. including in South Central Kentucky.

While more and more schools are adding soccer teams to their budgets, it's still nowhere near as big as it is in Europe.

"You have American football, I suppose, which is a big thing. We don't really have that in England so I guess everyone wants to play that. But in my opinion, soccer's much better," said Love with a laugh.

Coach John Lees has been playing soccer since he was three-years-old.

"I think it's because of the history of the game because naturally children gravitate toward a sport that's been established," replied Lees as to why soccer is more popular in Europe than in America.

A famous face is credited with more and more kids getting a kick out of soccer in the U.S.

"You have David Beckham coming over this summer, don't you - and that's gonna have quite an impact," Love said.

Mileham's little sister Sara is also an avid soccer player.

"Yeah, we're competitive," Sara admitted. Both said they've learned a lot from the camp.

"I've learned a lot of new turns and my dribbing has been better and my shooting has been better," said Rory.

It's evident that more and more kids are having a ball playing soccer.

The British Challenger Soccer Camp is going on all week at the Simpson Elementary School soccer fields in Franklin. Nearly 70 kids are taking part in the camp.

The coaches will be holding camps for kids across the country all summer.