Possible Driveway Sealant Scam

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If you're planning on making home repairs this summer, beware. The Warren County Sheriff's Department is looking into a possible scam involving driveway sealant.

The department has received two reports of a group of people offering to reseal driveways, then they charge customers more than the set price.

Ray Ring was home alone when three men knocked on his door and offered to seal his driveway.

"They said, 'would you like to get it done - we have the truck right here and we can get it done immediately,'" Ray said.

Ray called his wife, June, and she told him not to pay over $100. So Ray was surprised when the $80 he was quoted wasn't what the workers were asking for at the end of the day.

"I asked him how much and he figured it up on his fingers and said $888," Ray said.

June was also shocked at the amount when she returned home.

"I said, 'well how much?' And he said $888 and I said, 'oh no, you're kidding?' So we went to the checkbook and it said $888," June explained.

The Rings called the bank to stop payment on the check, but discovered it had already been cashed.

"I'm so used to using local people that are honest and you don't think of anybody taking you off like that," Ray said.

The Rings are using their experience as a lesson learned. In the future, they'll use a local company with a good reputation.

The Rings said the men promised to come back to finish the driveway, but they're still waiting for them to return.

June said usually when they get their driveway repaired, it costs around $165.

To view a press release from the Warren County Sheriff's Department on this scam, click here and to report such scams go to bbb.com.