Do you Speak Text Language?

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The era of text messaging has identified a new language. Because of the time it takes to type messages on a phone keypad, text messengers use shortcuts. These shortcuts mean text messages aren't complete words or sentences but abbreviations and symbols.

Here's an example of an abbreviated sentence:

"f U do not undRstNd DIS sNteNc U nEd 2 Lern txt lingo"

It actually says, "If you do not understand this sentence you need to learn text lingo."

If you couldn't decode it you may need to ask your teenager for help.

These symbols are finding their way into everyday language and are recognized by traditional dictionaries and observed by some linguists as being a new language.

You could use BRB for be right back, or LOL for Laugh Out Loud, but according to one texter in Bowling Green, LOL has two meanings.

"... Laughing out loud or lots of love," Mack Winters explained. "You can tell the difference because with lots of love, I put periods between the letters."

Others have spent hundreds on cell phone bills from text messaging.

David Rice was $100 over in a month and decided to call it quits on text messaging.

"It's too hard because you have to press the button, then another button. It's hard for me," Rice said, which is exactly the point for most texters.

With a touch of a button, you get your point across.

Click here to decode your text messages.