Brown Bag Day

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It's called Brown Bad Day at the Health and Wellness Center in the Greenwood Mall. It gives patients the opportunity to bring in the medications they are taking and talk to a pharmacist one on one about the drugs and possible side effects.

"I've been on it eight months."

Freida Baugh is taking advantage of the Health and Wellness Center's Brown Bag Day.

Baugh says, "Just to make sure that I'm familiar with the medications that I'm on and that I was taking them correctly."

She is just one of many with questions about the different prescription medicines she's taking.

Angela Shoulders is a Pharmacist at the Medical Center and was the pharmacist for Brown Bag Day. Shoulders says, "We also have a lot of patients that are on a multi-vitamin or an over-the-counter supplements and we get a lot of questions on 'Are these safe to take with the medications that I'm on?'"

Angela Shoulders says most of the patients she sees are in the 50 and over age category. And the medications they are taking can also cause side effects.

Shoulders says, "A patient maybe experiencing a side effect from one medication and they're taking a second medication to treat that side effect, when maybe the best route to go it to change the first medication."

New technology is preventing medications from interacting, but still, Shoulders says, "Many times you go to the doctor. He gives you a prescription. You get it filled and by the time you're on prescription number two or three the drugs are complicated- the diseases are complicated."

That's exactly what happened to Freida Baugh.

Baugh says, "I just had added a new one recently, and I just wanted to make sure all was well with that."

Baugh says overall having a service like Brown Bag Days is great.

"She was informative and I'm taking them correctly."

If you're interested in going to Brown Bag Day at the Medical Center's Health and Wellness Center in the Greenwood Mall, the next one will be Wednesday, June 30 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. The service is free.