Thomas and Friends Toy Recall

If your children love Thomas and Friends, you may have to yank their toys away. One-point-five-million of the toys are being recalled.

Millions of children flock to the magical story and toys of Thomas and Friends. Now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said many of those children may be at risk.

The CPSC is announcing the recall of 1.5 million Thomas and Friends wooden railway toys. The culprit - surface paint that contains lead.

Twenty-two different Thomas and Friends toys are part of the voluntary recall.

“Knowing when you purchased this product is important, whether it was purchased through January 2005 to June of 2007,” explained Julie Vallese, Director of Public Affairs for CPSC, on the exact time-line of recalled toys.

If ingested, lead can be toxic - potentially causing a range of health effects from learning disabilities, seizures and death.

Children six and under are most at risk. While U.S. households have been successful at phasing out lead in paint, the CPSC recently has recalled several toys due to lead in paint - many manufactured in china. The maker of the Thomas and Friends toys, RC2 Corp., said, “as part of a thorough investigation, RC2 identified the issue, isolated the manufacturing facility and has implemented a corrective action plan.” The company points out, “at this time, there have been no reports of illness or injury as a result of this issue.”

Children should stop playing with the toys immediately. You can contact RC2 Corp. for a replacement toy and/or more information by calling 1-866-725-4407, or by visiting the firm's web site at