Tennessee Car Fundraiser Deaths

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A crash during an "exhibition burnout" at a fundraiser in Tennessee, leaves six dead and eighteen injured.

The crash occurred Saturday night during an "exhibition burnout" at the Cars for Kids charity event in Selmer, located about 80 miles east of Memphis.

A burnout is when a driver spins a car's tires to make them heat up and smoke.

Amateur video of the crash shows the car rev its engine loudly and then speed down a highway lined with spectators on both sides.

After a few hundred feet, the smoking car skids off the road.

There was a guard rail along at least part of the highway, but there was no guard rail where the crash occurred.

Witness Garett Moore said he thought the show was over and was about to walk across the highway when he saw the dragster racing toward him. He was about 15 feet from the wreck, but was uninjured.

Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman Mike Browning said six people were killed, including two 15-year-old girls and a 17-year-old girl. The accident injured 18 others, including a 5-year-old boy, who were taken to hospitals in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Authorities identified the driver as pro drag racer Troy Warren Critchley, an Australian who is now based in Wylie, Texas. He suffered minor injuries and was taken by car to a nearby hospital for treatment.

There were no criminal charges against Critchley.