Grayson County Hit Hard by Storms

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The winds have calmed after the storm, but no one in this area will soon forget the damage they left behind.

Michael Bowman was nearby when the storms came. He says, "I heard a lot of wind and trees falling and stuff."

In the driveway, next to the trailer Michael Bowman was in, a car and truck are totaled by uprooted trees.

Bowman says, "I can't get home now. My mom has to come and pick me up."

Altogether, seven trees on the property were uprooted and the barn blew over.

Down Highway 187 another family is finding pieces scattered all over. Part of the roof of the barn is now in a backyard tree.

The worst, by far, was Blowtown Road.

Diana Decker's home was destroyed. She says, "My daughter called me and said 'Mom, you need to get out there's a tornado coming your way.' So we ran out a got in the cellar. And we heard roaring, and stuff started hitting the cellar door and that's all we could hear was just roar."

Diana and Warren Decker's home was hit hard.

Decker says, "Everything's just destroyed. It's destroyed."

And now family and friends are trying to cleanup.

Kimberly Paul is Decker's daughter. Paul says, "We're just trying to pick up little pieces. Things that might be okay. Mainly pictures. We found some of our bibles. And stuff like that. Just little things."

The Decker's two garages were completely blown away, and the back of their home, where the living room, computer room and bathroom were is now gone.

Diana and Warren Decker were sitting there and now says she's just glad she made it out.

Decker says, "But the good thing is we're alive, and that's what's most important."