Storms Blow Fuse at Muhlenberg County 911

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Storms did their share of damage at the Muhlenberg County 911 Dispatch Center.

Kristi Sparks is the director for the Muhlenberg County 911 Dispatch Center. Sparks says, "Our tower, up at the base station, at Kentucky Utilities had a line get hit."

That caused two fuses to blow.

Sparks says, "We lost power to the base site. That controls two of our frequencies. All the fire channels. We have eight fire departments and our ambulance service."

It did not effect their phone lines.

Sparks says, "We still received all incoming calls."

When the transformer blew out at the Muhlenberg County Dispatch Center the backup radio sent all the emergency calls directly to the Central City Fire Department.

Sparks says, "They are the ones, when we are down with those frequencies, to take over and dispatch all the fire departments and the ambulance crews for us."

They are also the backup for when the phone lines do go down.

Sparks says, "So we call Bell South and they have all of our lines routed directed to the fire department."

She says there shouldn't be any delay if the calls are transferred to the fire department.

Sparks says, "They are our backup. So they're trained to the manner where we can page them out in enough time. I don't think there's much delay."

But she says in an emergency situation Muhlenberg County is always prepared.

Sparks says, "So we're never completely down. We always have a backup."