Quick Care Clinic Really is Quick

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In most cases, you can get your oil changed in less time than it takes to see a doctor when you're sick. But a new trend in health care aims at changing that. "Minute Clinics” have been popping-up nationwide in major retailers, like CVS and Walgreens.

Here in Bowling Green, the Commonwealth Health Corporation has introduced the Quick Care Clinic.

WBKO’S Lindsay Irvin put the Quick Care Clinic to the test, and follows one patient through the process.

Matthew Keyser and his 13-year-old son, Erin, walked into the Quick Care Clinic around 1:30 p.m.

“I’m here for a boy scouts physical," Erin explained.

Mr. Keyser is on his lunch break and time is of the essence.

“I'm thinking it'll take less than an hour for sure," Mr. Keyser hoped and so this is why they chose the Quick Care Clinic. “We do have a pediatrician, but we were on a bit of a short time frame and it was much quicker to get in here and get it done."

The idea is this - if you're sick, injured, or simply need a physical and don't need emergency care, you can walk into the clinic with no appointment and get friendly, affordable health care in 30 minutes or less.

Sure enough, around 1:45p.m. Erin came walking out, passing his physical and ready for his Boy Scout adventures.

“I'm gonna go to Tennessee and do some repelling and stuff," Erin said.

Now his dad can get back to work.

“That's the big thing - we procrastinated a little bit on getting the physical so we got in and out quick," Mr. Keyser explained.

Nurse Practitioner Teresa Woosley reminds people this is only for basic services like physicals, colds and immunizations.

“We're not family practitioners - they still need their family doctors," Woosley said.

"Sometimes when the hours aren't right and you can't get in to see your physician, it's a good alternative," Mr. Keyser said.

To view a list of Quick Care services and fees, be sure to click here.