Greenville Shooting

Three Greenville juveniles are in jail today after assaulting their foster parents and shooting at police.

At around 10 last night the Muhlenberg Central dispatch received word that James and Debra Ekstam had been assaulted by three of their foster children.

Those three juveniles then stole several guns from their gun cabinet and fled with their minivan.

Officer's attempted to stop the juveniles but they sped off and started firing at the police cruiser.

A road block was attempted but the juveniles continued to shoot at officers and then slammed the van into the police car. The pursuit continued for another five miles before the van broke down.

All three juveniles are charged with attempted murder of police officers, criminal mischief, and fleeing and evading among others.

They are currently being held at the juvenile detention center in Bowling Green.

Their foster parent... James Ekstam is being treated at Muhlenberg Community Hospital for his injuries.