Neighbors React to Glasgow Shooting

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It was the sound of gunshots Hazel Huff woke up to wednesday afternoon.

Ii was in bed and heard the shots and woke up and got in the floor."

First she was scared because she didn't know where the shots were coming from. Then the police were at her door, and the worry set-in.

"They said 'Glasgow police department' and I said what's going on and they said 'well someone's shooting and your momma's worried about you, so we're going to get you out."

"i was scared to death, i was crying. I was all shook up and stuff."

Police officers crawled through a window and quickly brought her to safety. While hazel was unharmed... It proved to be a close call. The family's house was hit by a bullet... And another went through the window screen.

""the hole in my storm door, in my window and my little grandbaby he stands there all the time and looks out the window at the cars coming by."

The family says this isn't the first time they've heard gunshots in the area. And after yesterday's tragic events, they're considering moving.