Beech Bend Reaction to Louisville Amusement Park Accident

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A failed cable cord on a Louisville amusement ride is what officials are saying caused a 13-year-old girls feet to be severed.

The accident happened on the Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom while witnesses watched helpless.

The ride takes passengers 177 feet into the air and then drops them 157 feet. It reaches a speed of 54 miles per hour.

The Superman Tower of Power has been shut down indefinitely while park and state officials investigate what caused the accident.

We traveled to Beech Bend Amusement Park in Bowling Green on Friday to see how safe roller coaster riders now feel. There is a similar ride at Beech Bend as the one involved in the Kentucky Kingdom incident.

"It's really fun, but after what I heard, it sort of scares me once I hear the click", says 11-year-old Shelby Patterson.

Shelby Patterson and friend Melanie Witter weren't the only ones a little nervous about going to an amusement park the day after the accident at Kentucky Kingdom.

"It almost stopped me from coming up to bring my kids, but I said 'hey, accidents happen", says Tennessee resident Angie Decker.

Those that we spoke to say they've been reassured that this ride is safe.

"He told me, her dad, that it's like a one in a million chance that it would happen to me", says Shelby Patterson.

To make sure accidents don't happen there's a number of safety measures that go on behind the scenes.

"We do a daily written inspection on each and every ride here before we open it in the morning", says Beech Bend owner, Dallas Jones.

"My primary responsibility here at the park is the inspection and maintenance, preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance of all the rides here at the facility", says Beech Bend employee, Bob Laird.

Bob Laird checks out the rides at Beech Bend daily.

He says the Shock Drop is similar to the ride at Kentucky Kingdom that malfunctioned.

"The cables are made for so many cycles or so many running hours", says Laird.

The ride is on a cable rotation schedule where the cables are changed every few hours. This helped put the nervous riders at the park at ease.

"He did reassure us that they maintenance daily", says Angie Decker.

Along with employees checking the rides at Beech Bend Park daily, the state inspects the rides regularly, as does an insurance inspector.

As for the Shock Drop, the ride was shut down Thursday after the incident at Kentucky Kingdom, but is now open.

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