Locks of Love

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The Logan County community showed up to walk for a purpose at Friday night's Relay for Life.

One family at the event had a close call with cancer.

The Brown family decided at last year's Relay for Life do more to help other cancer survivors.

Breanna Brown had cancer when she was fourteen months old and wants to help others who have the disease.

"I wanted to help all the kids who go through chemo and have to lose their hair", says Breanna.

Breanna's father, Ben Brown, says he's had some pretty strange looks since he's been growing his hair out.

And since he's been wearing his hair in a pony tail, it's been a very unique bonding experience for he and his daughters.

"They're good at giving me the little rubber band things for my pony tail and telling me how to do it better so I am learning a lot from them that I never knew before", says Ben Brown.

Breanna's twin sister Meg made it a family affair and also cut her hair and will donate it to Locks for Love.