New Laws to Take Effect in Kentucky

Over 120 new state laws will go on the books this Tuesday, including one that will mean a raise for nearly a quarter of a million Kentuckians.

Over 200,000 workers will earn 70 cents more an hour when the minimum wage jumps from $5.25 to $5.85 per hour.

The law mirrors a federal law that will raise wages 70 cents again next summer and up to $7.25 by July 2009.

One of the new laws will allow the state transportation cabinet to raise speed limits on some roads up to 70 miles per hour.

Transportation officials say it's still uncertain when the change will take place, but it's possible it will be after the Fourth of July holiday.

Also taking effect Tuesday, convicted sex offenders will be required to register their Internet identities with the state and cell phones will be off-limits to school bus drivers while they're driving students.

Other new laws include allowing breast-feeding mothers to be temporarily excused from jury duty and making bluegrass music the official music of Kentucky.

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