Vampy Program Prepares Young Students for College Life

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On Sunday, June 24, 2007, at WKU's Downing University Center, students in grades 7-10 enrolled for the Vampy program.
The program is designed to provide a balance of educational, cultural and recreational experiences for high ability students.

As part of the program, students will live a life much like that of a college student for the next three weeks.

One Louisville tenth grader is back for his third summer for Vampy and says he looks forward to coming all year long.

"It's fun and actually it is really fun", says Louisville tenth grader, Ben Yeager.

Ben Yeager is excited he is back at the Vampy program for his third summer.

"It can be a little overwhelming, you have to do all this stuff but there are lot of people who are like you", says Yeager.

Ben's mother Pam says the sense of independence is good for students at this age.

"I think the semi college experience is so valuable, they live in the dorms, their responsible for their own laundry and getting up on time and budgeting all their time", says Pam Yeager.

Ben says he remembers the first time he came to Vampy three summers ago and says he has seen a big change in his self-confidence.

"Were a big family and it provides a lot of support and makes the transition a lot easier", says Ben.

Pam says the program really gets the students ready for college life.

"So many of the skills will already be in place, learning to live with an unknown roommate and time budgeting especially", says Pam Yeager.

"I do think Vampy makes it a lot easier with the shock of suddenly having no one to rely on", says Ben Yeager.

"It's hard to say goodbye", says Pam Yeager.

Pam says she knows Ben is getting skills from the program that will help him throughout the rest of his life.

The Vampy program will conclude July 14th.

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