Woman Gets 35 Years for Sex Offenses With Minor

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A Bowling Green woman gets the same sentence as her husband, after they both plead guilty to multiple sex offenses involving a minor.

Two months ago Tracy Sturm pleaded guilty to 56 counts of using a minor less than 16-years-old in a sexual performance, from June 4 to July 22, 2006. She also entered an Alford plea to charges of sodomy and complicity to sodomy.

In Warren Circuit Court on June 25, Sturm was sentenced to 35 years in prison after the victim’s aunt read an emotional letter to the defendant.

“For not once in the last year have I sat in this courtroom hearing after hearing and heard you say, ‘I’m sorry for what I’ve done.’ Not once have you claimed, ‘I know I’ve done wrong.’ You show no remorse for your children you’ve harmed. No remorse for my niece,” the victim’s aunt said, while at the Warren County Justice Center.

Sturm won’t be eligible for parole until she serves 20 years of her 35-year sentence.