Adventures in Kentucky: Jet Adventure

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Last week I took us on an underwater adventure in the Newport Aquarium. Tonight I am going to find myself in the skies above Bowling Green.

The Red Knight is a Lockheed Martin T33 jet trainer aircraft with a top speed of 580 miles-per-hour. The pilot of this amazing jet, Chris Rounds, has agreed to take me for a ride.

We first climb into our flight suits and it’s time to fly. One of the first things that I notice though is white smoke, but not to worry - it’s just the air conditioning.

Once we are in the air, the pilot asks a question that I never expected. He offers me the controls of the aircraft, under his close guidance of course.

I take the stick and take us into a climb and then into a dive, but I leave the fancy flying to Chris. Chris has flown the Red Knight for nearly five years now and does airshows across the country.

“It’s kind of like a Nascar season if you would. We travel around and every other weekend or so we have an air show,” Chris explained.

The Red Knight gave me a story I’ll never forget, but General Dan Cherry has quite a few stories himslef.

He’s a retired F4 550 Phantom pilot trying to get the Aviation Heritage Park off the ground.

“We’ve got a lot of wonderful untold stories and we think Aviation Heritage Park is a way to tell those stories and we hope that those aircraft on display will be an inspiration to young people,” General Cherry said.

So did I enjoy this high flying adventure? I think the grin speaks for itself.

I think that by far this is the fastest adventure we’ve had here on Adventures in Kentucky. So far my favorite I’d say.

For more information on the Red Knight you can log on to And to find out more about aviation heritage park go to aviation heritage park dot com.