Bus Accident: Hospital Response

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EMS officials said they received the initial call about the bus accident around 2:50 a.m. on June 25, 2007, and about 50 minutes later crash victims were being treated.

Forty-five out of the 67 people were treated at The Medical Center - the rest of the victims were taken to other area hospitals like Greenview, TJ Samson and Vanderbilt.

The Medical Center said it couldn't be happier with how the situation was handled.

"Before our first units ever arrived on the scene, we started notifying other counties to send their resources if they could," said Randy Fathbruckner, The Medical Center EMS Services Director.

Fathbruckner said it was a collaborative effort between The Medical Center, Air Medical Services and medical teams from Barren, Edmonson, Simpson and Hart Counties that made responding to this emergency so efficient.

"This is typical, in fact it's probably more efficient than your mass casualty scenes," Fathbruckner explained.

This is the largest casualty transport The Medical Center has dealt with in years.

"We think that's very good considering the distance and all it was, and the magnitude of the incident that was going on," Fathbruckner said. "At the end there was actually more ambulances than we had patients for."

Fathbruckner said his team was trained and ready to handle this type of emergency, but there's always room for improvement and hopes The Medical Center learns from this situation.

"We critique all the mass casualty incidents that we have and we'll look at what we did, how we did it and if there's a way to improve," Fathbruckner explained.

But accident victim, Carlos Davis said he's happy with the medical attention and treatment he and his family received.

"They did a good job when they got there. They did a good job to the point they got people help. They did the best they could," Davis said.

Currently one adult and one child are in critical condition and three adults are in stable condition at Vanderbilt.

Medical Center officials said of the 45 passengers admitted to The Medical Center, 30 have been treated and released, two are still being evaluated and one didn't receive treatment.