GOP Turning Against Iraqi War

Another Republican senator has publicly broken ranks with President Bush over the Iraq war.

George Voinovich of Ohio joins Richard Lugar of Indiana in calling for a change of strategy.

Voinovich sent a letter to the White House on June 26, 2007, asking for U.S. forces to begin leaving Iraq immediately.

His comments follow Senator Lugar, who said on June 25, the war strategy is failing.

“It’s time for us to gradually disengage in Iraq and increase the involvement of the Iraqis,” Senator Voinovich said.

“I see no convincing evidence that Iraqis will make the compromises necessary to solidify a functioning government and society, even if we reduce violence,” Senator Lugar said.

The White House wants more time. It said Congress should hold judgment until September 2007, to allow the troop surge to fully take effect.